Performing Arts Group Classes

Our performing arts classes provide training in singing, dancing and acting. Our course has been designed to train students in the essential skills for stage and television, whilst acquiring transferable life skills. Students explore stimulating and varied projects that encompass all three disciplines of performance in one class and can be structured to support the academic syllabus.

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 Elocution Group Classes

Elocution & LAMDA classes are available as a termly course or as one to one session.

In the younger years, we prepare students in articulating sounds accurately, using the correct position of the tongue, teeth and lips. In the older years, we prepare students for LAMDA examinations, which contribute to their UCAS points and supports the syllabus. The skills attained develop confidence for interview technique, presentation skills and are a priceless aid in preparation for working adult life.

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Performing Arts Workshops 

Performing Arts Workshops can accommodate any time restrictions, whether that be for an hour, a day or even a week. The workshops are run by our expert professional artists and can be structured to support the academic syllabus. Students will cover all aspects of performing arts, playing drama games, singing songs and dancing choreographed routines. Workshops are tremendously beneficial in increasing confidence, strengthening team building and collaborative work.

Music Theory Group Classes

Music theory is a crucial part of the foundations for any musician. Classes can be tailored to any age group and provide the fundamental understanding of the structure and language of music. Training in Music Theory is a necessity for all performers that wish to take instrumental examinations above Grade 5 and prepares students with the essential support for GCSE and A-Level Music.


We explore all styles of music and train the students to sing in harmony. The students will learn how to sing using the correct vocal technique, understanding breath control and using the diaphragm. Singers of all abilities are encouraged to participate, as singing in choirs has proved to have enormously positive physical outcomes and mental health benefits.

Private Tuition

In the Wings Performing Arts also offer one to one Private Tuition in the following:

Singing Lessons
Dance Lessons
Elocution & LAMDA
Instrumental Lessons
Music Theory

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